System Status

System Status is a good way to start with our plugin, from this section you will be notified about your Wordpress configuration and Server Environment. You will find theSystem Statusmenu from your Admin section.

Admin -> Reactive -> System Status

To get the Best output from our plugin you need to follow our Recommended settings,

From the above image you can see that we have Recommend 5 Settings that is,

  1. WP Memory Limit( The Recommended Minimum Wp Memory Limit is 256M).
  2. Server memory Limit( The Recommended Minimum Server Memory Limit is 256M).
  3. PHP Version(The Recommended Minimum PHP version is 5.6.0)
  4. PHP Maximum Input Vars(The Recommended Minimum PHP Input Vars is 3000)
  5. Mysql Version(The Recommended Minimum Mysql version is 5.6.0 or greater)

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