Turbo - Car Rental WordPress Theme

Turbo is a Car Rental WordPress theme designed with Grid-Based Approach. It serves the aspiration of a modern and creative design and functionality.



For previous TURBO user and new TURBO user this note is for RnB plugin.

If you are a new user of our plugin please follow this documentation.

If you are already an existing user of our plugin, please read the below information carefully before updating and using this version of our plugin

  • New inventory management system has been added from this version onwards
  • Hourly booking with hourly calendar blocking has been added from this version
  • Data structure has been changed.
  • If you already have an order from 10th of this month to 12th of this month, it will not block the calendar once you update the plugin. New orders will block the calendar.
  • If you want to use the latest version of our plugin, then you will need to create the inventory with pricing and features attributes, pick up location etc. after updating the plugin.

If you do not wish to update and want to use our legacy version then please follow the below documentation.


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