Headless GraphQL Introduction

Want to build a website like Gumtree, with Headless you can easily do that.

Headless Graphql is a Buy & Sell application where yu will find everything that is needed for a complete application. In this application we have used Firebase as database, Hosting, Deployment solution, Graphql as Server/Backend Api, Next.js as Server Side Ready Client Side/Frontend. This application is built for the user whom are looking for a whole application not just a Frontend template or a backend solution, Also the user want to learn how to built an application using Graphql, Nextjs, Firebase. This Application can be your next MVP project you can easily use this application to create a Buy & Sell service.

Headless Application Provides The Below Feature which is needed to built a BUY & SELL service:

  1. Firebase Database Integration.
  2. Smart Searching and Filtering.
  3. Location Based Searching and Filtering.
  4. Regular Authentication & Mobile Authentication.
  5. Social Sharing
  6. Ad Post, Publish Post, Draft Post
  7. Nearest Post
  8. SEO Friendly
  9. Server Side Rendering
  10. Favorite Post.
  11. User Profile Page.
  12. Category Page
  13. Recent Post Page
  14. Nearest Post Page
  15. Dedicated Search Page.
  16. Single Post Page.
  17. User Settings Page

And Most importantly Easy Deployment, Everything (GraphQl, Node.js, Firebase Functions, Apollo, Next.js) has been deployed into Firebase, So with our deployment solution you don’t have to take any headache for deploying separate servers. Check our deployment Section to know how easy it is to deploy.

Now, we will discuss about this application in whole, how we have developed it, technologies being used, how the user can use it,

The whole application is built on top of Monorepo Architecture using Lerna(https://github.com/lerna/lerna) And Yarn. you will get details about the Folder Structure in the Next Section.

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