Frequently Asked Question:

I) what is the per-requirement knowledge for this plugin:

you have to know very basic of wordpress such as

i) post type/ custom post type

ii) taxonomy/ custom taxonomy

iii) meta/ custom meta field

iv) term meta/ attributes

v) Geobox

also, you have plan the whole thing like how to create your post type why you should create it and also you have to create relevant data such as taxonomy and meta field. you can use our free plugin to create custom post type, taxonomy, meta, term meta etc. Reuse Builder

after you have all this data ready in your wordpress you can start from our below video tutorial to learn how to start with the reactive pro.

ii) Does this plugin support advance custom meta filed such as checkbox, selectbox, radiobox, datepicker, (repetative field) etc in the meta field?

no, this kind of advance meta field does not work with our plugin and also it's not recommended to use advance custom meta field for search related purpose though it easy to manage to create data but it will hugely make the search performance bad. That's why we haven't tried to bring the feature and at that moment it's not possible to provide this feature either.

if you need to use the simple custom meta field we recommend to use our free plugin Reuse Builder instead of other advance custom meta field plugin.

iii) How to do the map single page redirection from the marker pop up window

you can use the below code to do that

<a href="{{data.post_link}}"><div class="reactiveInfoWindowWrapper">
  <div class="reactiveInfoWindowImage">
    <img src="{{data.thumb_url}}" alt="Image">
  <div class="reactiveInfoWindowContents">
    <p class="reactiveAddressText">{{data.meta.formattedAddress}}</p>
    <p class="">{{}}</p>

iv) How to show taxonomy terms in grid

use the below code to show the taxonomy terms

_.each(post.terms.filter, function(term) {{{}}

v) How to show the meta in the grid?

to show meta data in the grid you have to use the below code and make sure you have selected the meta name in the rebuilder shortcode


in the "your__meta__name" should be your meta key name.

vi) I have setup the plugin but nothing is working?

to fix this issue make sure you have installed the helper plugins that is redq-reuse-form and googlemap plugins.

check the below video tutorial for more details

If you still have issues after following this tutorial then follow the below points,

  1. It can be a third party plugin conflict issue you can check it by deactivating other plugins one by one. if it's a plugin issue you can send us the plugin name in our support forum, we will check it for you and let you know in details about the issue so that you can inform the plugin author.

  2. it can be due to javascript error as our plugin is based on advance javascript, if you have any js error coming from either your theme or any third party plugin this might not work. in this case if you know which theme or plugin causing the js error you can contact with them or you can contact with our support team about the js error our team will check it for you.

  3. Caching issue if your server or any third party plugin or theme is doing caching on your site the plugin can not work properly as due to caching site store the previous js and css files in this case our plugin files may not load properly which you have to find by yourself if it's a caching issue, you can contact with your server administrator , theme or third party plugin author to know if they are doing any caching and how can you turn it off.

  4. if you still don't know about the issue you can always contact with our support team.

vii) how to reduce the post content word in the grid?

you can use the below code to reduce the post content

{{post.post_content.substr(0, 20)}}

viii) How to setup home page search?

  1. To do the home page search just create a rebuilder shortcode and select the redirect page where you want to readirect when submit the search.

    1. after creating the shortcode as usual paste the shortocde in the homepage and in the frontend create your search bar using drag and resize as you want.

    2. then the important part is take a apply filter button in your search block then from the settings panel of apply filter select your search page. that's it.

    3. Also you have to make sure you have already setup the the search page where you are redirecting your visitor (the search page you have selected in the apply filter button you have to setup another reactive builder shortcode in that page with same post type and taxonomies so that it can find the result properly. Make sure you don't use same shortcode for your home page and Redirected page.

ix) where can i find the tutorial video?

x) Which component is best to search for parent child taxonomy?

The combobox search component is to search your parent child search component.

xi) How to show post in post date /post name/meta value (for example: price[only number format supported]with customization it's possible to order alphabetically) order.

To do this you have to go to the global settings option at the top right side,

than chose your order from the dropdown

xii) How to show result grid only for specific terms?

To do this you have to go to the global settings option at the top right side,

than chose your terms from the dropdown

Xiii) how to provide the sort option for the visitor to sort the result?

  • To provide the sort option you have to take a bar component
  • from the bar setting panel (click one the + sign at the right side) take a sorting attributes

by default it will only show the default option but you can add options like post date, post name, any kind of meta(only number format to do that click on the settings panel->go to the sorting tab.

then you have to choose the option from the dropdown bundle it has two filed one is your meta key that you will choose another one is the text you want to show to the visitor,

like below

xiv) How can i use 150*150 thumb image in the grid?

To do that First go to the below file,

i) reactivepro->app->graph.php

ii) at line number 742 add the below code,

$singlePost['small_thumb'] = wp_get_attachment_thumb_url( $singlePost['thumbnailUrl'] );

​it will look like the below image just change the 150_thumb to small_thumb,

iii) then just add the below code in the grid instead of {{post.thumb_url}}


That's it.

xv) Does your Filtering system work with any kind of system or Post Type for example: Car, Real Estate, Jobs, Company, Restaurant etc?

Yes our plugin works with any kind of system or post type, with our plugin if you have fulfill the above requirement you can easily Filter your site Cars, Real estate, Jobs, company, Restaurant etc with category taxonomy or any custom taxonomy you want. it also support simple linear meta field to search or filter.

xvi) How to set up the image picker or How to use it?

First of all, you need to know exactly why we have built the image picker and why you should use it,

We have built the image picker to make a meaning full search component in your site unlike checkbox, radobox it will show images of your taxonomy term meta . For example if you have property on your site and you want to show images of your property type you can use our image picker in this case. it will look like the below image,

it will behave exactly like any checkbox or radiobox component. so, now lets see what we have exactly done to create this component. as i've already inform you we have use here the term meta. if you don't know what is term meta please search it on google as in our pre requirement we assume that you have a good idea about post type, taxonomy , meta and term meta. if you don't know about it you have to learn about this and you can use our below plugin to create them,

Reuse Builder

so, here's what we've done,

i) Fist we have created a custom post type called Property

ii) than we have created a custom taxonomy called Property type

iii) than we have created a image type term meta for Property Type

if you have successfully created the above steps and created your terms, here's what it looks like in my site,

Image: Property Type Taxonomy page

Image: Property Type Term page

so, if you have everything done successfully if you have something similar to above steps.

now, take a image picker in your search page

now from the settings panel of image picker choose the term meta and your term meta name,

you can see in the above image that we have choose the Term meta and our term meta name here is image for property type.

it will look like the first image if everything is done properly

XVII) Is there any way to solve Yoast SEO plugin conflict?

Actually this is not our plugin issue, in the latest version of Yoast SEO plugin there are some javascript error in the console coming from the Yoast SEO plugin once they solve this error the conflict will be automatically solved. One of our user have informed us that he solve this issue by turning off yoast seo plugin on the reactive admin pages. we will update this section if we find anything more on this.

xviii) How to show limited post content or excerpt on the grid without cutting words?

Follow the below code to do this,

{{post.post_content.split(" ").splice(0,20).join(" ")}}

the number 20 here is the number of words you want to show in the grid.

xix) How to use Color Name to Filter Posts? Is there any way we can use Color Picker to filter Posts? How can we use it?

  1. Yes you can use Color Name to filter Posts, there are two ways you can do that, i) create a taxonomy called Posts Color or any name you prefer ii) than add your color names as term, iii) choose a color term for your each posts. that's it now take a Checkbox, Radiobox, Selectbox or Simplepicker whichever you want and then from the settings panel choose the data options. you will have the Color Names available for Search and Filter. it will look like the below image.
  2. The Color Picker only works with Taxonomy Term Meta. if you don't know what is Term meta please check our FAQ number (i), So, as it only works with your Term meta, you have to create a taxonomy like in the above point Posts Color where you have all the color names and for each term using the term meta you can set a color. to use color picker in your term meta we suggest to use our own plugin, here is the link so if you have created the the color term meta and have your color names selected in your each posts you can use the color picker search component in the reactive page, where you just have to select the term meta and term meta name in the color picker settings name.

NB: Please note that you must have to select the related post type, taxonomy, term meta name in the rebuilder shortcode.

here is how we have used it in our test site just to show you how to create use a color picker term meta,

i) Image: Color Term Meta being used here with Property Type Taxonomy

ii) Image: A color has been chosen here for property type taxonomy

so, you have selected the term meta color for your taxonomy term and in the Reactive Search page here's how we will use it,

iii) choose the post type, taxonomy, term meta in your Rebuilder Shortcode.

iv) Take the color picker in your search page,

v) choose the data from the color picker settings panel color_property is the term meta name,

vi) that's it, the final look will be like below

xx) Why this plugin Doesn't support Internet Explorer Browsers or old safari browsers?

First of all i like to clear few things here,

I) this plugin support the latest version of Internet Explorer which is known as Edge and also the latest version of safari browsers.

II) The plugin is built on top of advance javascript to provide features like drag, drop resize, fast search etc.

as it's an advance javascript it has latest browser technology enabled which is not available in the old browsers such as Internet Explorer or Old Safari browsers(safari version above 10 is supported by our plugin).

iii) you can know about your browser compatibility from the below url (react, redux, es6 javascript is the feature that you should be looking for your browser)

iv) If you are desperate to find a solution for your internet explorer or your old safari browser user you can follow one of our user who have implemented code that check the old browsers on the reactive page and asked the customer to update to a new browser or change the browser to firefox or chrome by showing a notice. unfortunately we don't know what the user have done in the code section so you may have to do this part by your own or by hiring a developer you can achieve this too.

xxi) How can I override WordPress default search to reactive search?

In the admin menu first go to Reative->Settings .

then you will get a settings form with a switch button to enable default search override. Just enable it and you and select the reactive page where you want to redirect after someone search on a default WordPress searchbox.

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