Configure Reactive Pro (Searching & Filtering Plugin) with RnB ( WooCommerce Rental & Bookings Plugin )

If you want bookings and rental products in your site then you can use ourRnBplugin

When your site has bunch of rental properties then you might thinking about searching and filtering facilities for your site. In this case you can relax because we've most amazingSearching & Filtering Plugin (Reactive Pro). which works perfectly with RnB plugin.

Please check the following configuration to work perfectly RnB plugin with Reactive Pro Plugin.

Back-end Configuration :

Create a builder post for rental products from Dashboard->Reactive Builder by clicking Add Reactive Builder button

Enter a title in title box

  1. Select product and inventory post types from Select post types select box
  2. Then in Taxonomy Select box you'll find all available taxonomies. From here you can choose all available taxonomies for product and inventory post types. Here is the list of all available taxonomies of inventory and product post types rnb_categories, resource, person, pickup_location, dropoff_location, attributes, features, depositeWhen you build your search page in front-end then you'll only these taxonomies available here.
  3. Like taxonomies you'll find all available meta keys in Meta Key Select box.

You can also choose term meta and redirect page from here.

Please check the following screenshot:

When you click the update button you'll see a shortcode at top right.

Copy it and go to Dashboard->pagedirectory, create a new page and paste this shortcode then click publish button and you're done with back-end settings.

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