Membership Plan

We have a dedicated tutorial video for membership plan creation with the stripe gateway which you can see from below URL

Our plugin works with membership and subscription. So after connecting with the payment gateway, we need to create some plans. To create a plan, first we have to go to admin menu Userplace->Membership Plan

You will see a default plan has been created for you. Details about default plan will be discussed in the Default Plan Menu.

What you need to do is to add new Membership Plan

In the add new plan page you will get three section like below

Plan URL section will be auto generated, so you won't have to do anything. This section will provide a URL to buy this plan. You can use this URL anywhere.

Plan builder part needs the access to payment gateway dashboard. For this part we have created two submenus with details documentation where you can create plan and get this plan id. See the corresponding menu for your gateway.

For plan restriction we have created a whole dedicated section in the submenu please check that one.

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