There are three parts in restrictions.

  1. General
  2. View Restriction
  3. Submission Restriction

1. General

In the general section you have capability to enable/disable plan, make a plan as default, set price, set role for this user plan. The user who will buy this plan will attach this role. You can also set coupon fro here.

** Details about coupon will be found in Coupon Menu

2. View Restriction

This portion gives you multiple options to restrict different data from being viewed by a user. Suppose user with default plan subscription, you want to restrict comment capability for any post type. you can do that from view level restriction.

You can also restrict widget, Post type from being shown by this user.

If you restrict this user from being shown blog post then this user wont be able to see any blog post. Same way user won't be able to see any restricted widgets.

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