Folder path: /src/helpers/auth0/

If you want a login button like the following image given bellow.

Just need to Place a button and On the onclick function of the button You can render the following functions provided by Auth0 itself.

Function Details
new Auth0Lock() Instantiating Lock
getUserInfo() Obtaining the profile of a logged in user
show() Showing the lock widget
on() Listening for events
logout() Log out the user

We are using the firebase Lock widget.

In the folder path /src/helpers/auth0/ there is a Auth0Helper class that uses all the functions.

To Use the Firebase Api you need to configure your app to the Auth0-Official documentation first. And put your app credentials to the config file of our app.

Path to the config file: src/settings/index.js

The following are the important Credentials you must provide in order to make Firebase Authentication work.


After all those Works clicking the Login with Auth0 button A prompt Window like the following will open

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