Uppy is file uploader solution which work can be integrated with any framework. It ha functionalities to upload files from local disk, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, remote URLs, cameras etc.

For more introduction visit their website https://uppy.io/

Now, Lets move on with our Isomorphic app and Uppy Integration.

We divide our Uppy Integration into 3 steps.

  1. UI Layer
  2. Configuration
  3. Scripting
UI Layer :

Code location : newdashapp/src/containers/AdvancedUI/uppy/index.js

Code Integration :

      <div id="uppyHolder" />

Here, <div id="uppyHolder" /> is the main concern. To integrate Uppy in any UI section you need to declare a div with ID which contains the Uppy UI Holder.

Configuration :

Code Location : newdashapp/src/containers/AdvancedUI/uppy/config.js

Code Integration :

const config = {
  target: '#uppyHolder',
  // trigger: '#UppyModalOpenerBtn',
  endpoint: 'fakeServer',
  DashboardInline: true,
  Webcam: true,
  GoogleDrive: true,
  Dropbox: true,
  Instagram: true,
  autoProceed: false,
  restrictions: {
    maxFileSize: 1000000,
    maxNumberOfFiles: 3,
    minNumberOfFiles: 2,
    allowedFileTypes: ['image/*', 'video/*']
  metaFields: [
      id: 'resizeTo',
      name: 'Resize to',
      value: 1200,
      placeholder: 'specify future image size'
      id: 'description',
      name: 'Description',
      value: 'none',
      placeholder: 'describe what the file is for'
export default config;

Code Explanation :

Code (Key) Parameter Type Description
target string id of the <div> which render the Uppy UI Layer
endpoint string server connection url
trigger string Modal View Opener
DashboardInline boolean To show the Uppy Dashboard in current page or not
Webcam boolean To use file uploader from webcam
GoogleDrive boolean To use file upload from GoogleDrive
Dropbox boolean To use file upload from Dropbox
Instagram boolean To use file upload from instagram
autoProceed boolean Control the direct upload or not
maxFileSize (restrictions) numeric value Control the maximum file upload size
maxNumberOfFile (restrictions) numeric value control the maximum number of file upload at a time
minNumberOfFile (restrictions) numeric value Control the minimum number of file upload at a time
allowedFileTypes array contains the file types allowed to be uploaded. Example: image, video, xml etc
id (metaFields) string id of the field after uploading, during editing the images
name (metaFields) string name of the field during editing
value (metaFields) numeric Resize to value
placeholder (metaFields) string placeholder for the metaFields

Now, export the config object.

Scripting :

Code location : newdashapp/src/containers/uielements/uppy.js

Code Integration :

const SERVER = null;

All the JS code is done here. User just need to integrate the server in this line.

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