Non Monorepo Structure:

NOTE: please note that currently we are providing non monorepo only for the Create React App Dashboard and not for other packages.

After downloading Isomorphic from themeforest, you will find a zip. If you extract this, there is a Isomorphic folder for you which contains all of our codes. inside isomorphic directory there is another isomorphic directory which is basically a non monorepo version and bootstraped with Create React App.

The folder structure of Isomorphic is following like that.

Build: All the Build files are available on this folder.

config: It contains all the files regarding webpack. All the build configurations (develop, production) is inside that folder.

node_modules: It contains all the npm packages that is used on this projects.

public: Contains public files used on the projects like menifest file, index.html file, icon files.

scripts: Contains files that fires up the build file on the config for the node environment.

src: Contains all the codes including js, less and the image files. It has some folders inside. They are:

  • components: Reusable react components
  • containers: Constains all the files of the react component of the project.
  • config: General config files.
  • helpers: Utility codes for the projects.
  • image: Images used in the project.
  • reducers: Contains the functional code of redux.
  • sagas: React sagas for handling async request.
  • selectors: React selectors
  • store: Redux Stores
  • styles: Less code files.

package.json: Contains all the informations about the project like third party packages, scripts etc .

server.js: The file fires up the node server.

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