Isomorphic Comes With multiple boilerplate and configurations for different use cases.

  1. isomorphic (build with custom CRA)

  2. isomorphic-next (SSR supported by next.js)

  3. isomorphic-boilerplate ( if Anyone want to use with monorepo and custom CRA )

  4. isomorphic-boilerplate-single (If Anyone want to use isomorphic without monorepo)

  5. isomorphic-boilerplate-graphql (CRA with GraphQL server and client)

  6. isomorphic-servers (example: of different backend integration)

How we utilize monorepo structure

By using monorepo we simplified import

import Component from '../../components/Component'
import ContainerComponent from '../../../containers/ContainerComponent'


import Component from '@iso/components/Component'
import ContainerComponent from '@iso/containers/ContainerComponent'

Reuse components , containers, redux, assets , config between all our packages.By moving them in shared folder and setup with monorepo. to import things from there you just prefix with @iso/folderName


shared/assets ==> @iso/assets

shared/components ==> @iso/components/required_component_path

We also move common things like library and ui within shared/UI and shared/library

To use them you just need to import things from

shared/library ==> @iso/lib

shared/UI ==> @iso/ui

If you don't want to use monorepo in next version

Note: React dashboard version non monorepo is already available in the isomorphic directory check the next section for more informaiton

we didn't provide any without monorepo support for isomorphic-next but you can easily made your own by adding some configurations within next.config.js file like:

 config.resolve.alias = {
      // Will make webpack look for these modules in parent directories
      '@iso/assets': require.resolve('shared/assets'),
      '@iso/config': require.resolve('shared/config'),
      '@iso/components': require.resolve('shared/components'),
      '@iso/containers': require.resolve('shared/containers'),
      '@iso/lib': require.resolve('shared/library'),
      '@iso/ui': require.resolve('shared/UI'),


you need to move all the folders from shared within your project folder .

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