NB: since v3.5 this section has lots of changes as the latest version is 4.04 at the moment i'm editing this document.

From the installation section you have already found that the menu you should in your admin section and from the System status page you get the idea of your server requirement to get the best of this plugin. Here we will give you another preview for the menus and will discuss about the Reactive menu in brief,

To find Reactive Menu go to the below direction,

Admin -> Reactive

After you navigate to the Reactive menu, you will find some Necessary Resource,

So, you can see that we have provided some valuable information here so that you can get them whenever you need it from your admin menu,

  1. Reactive Pro Documentation link.
  2. Reactive Pro Support link.
  3. Reuse Builder. (Its Free plugin which lets you to generate Custom post type, taxonomy, meta, term meta)

Now, let me describe the other section of this menu such as,

i) Geobox

ii) Settings

iii) Meta Restriction

iv) System Status (we already discussed about it)

i) Geobox:

From this section you can select the post types where you want to enable the Geobox or want to do the map search . to know more about it check our details section in Geobox

ii) Settings:

From this section you can select the page to override your existing sites default search redirect to a reactive search page.

Just choose your Reactive search page (the search page you have created using our plugin) and enable Search Override toggle button and the click on the Save button, just like the below image,

Sync Builder Data button is only needed if you are updating the plugin from v3.4 or older to 3.5 or latest, otherwise you can ignore it.

iii) Meta Restriction:

From this section you can select the meta key which you don't want to show or share in the frontend, we Recommend to select all the unnecessary meta key here that you don't want to share with the visitor or don't want to show in the search result.

iv) System Status:

This section is so that you know what is the best server configuration for your site to use this plugin we have already discussed about it in our previous section.

There some other menu related with this plugin and very important to work with it.

i) Reactive Builder

ii) Reactive Templates.

i) Reactive Builder:

After you have installed and activate the plugin and checked your system status properly this the section you need to work on to create the shortcode for the search page check Reactive Builder section for more details.

ii) Reactive Templates:

Well this menu section has some important sub menus and most of them are related with the facility to edit the template for grid search result, map marker, map info window, category template, preview popup template, search save template etc,

also theres a menu section to create external grid or category named as All Grid Shortcode which is a not searchable but you can use this grid builder Shortcode in your page as many as you want to show the Grids.

we can see here we have 7 more sub menu each of them have very important role which we will discuss briefly in the below section.

i) All Grid Template:

We have discussed about this section in details in Grid Template section.

ii) All Search Layout:

In this section you don't have to do any work actually but it's the section where all of your save templates are being saved so that you can use them on other pages without creating the same search page from scratch.

iii) All Category Template:

This section is same as Grid Template and works only with the category block.

iv) All Map Marker Template:

If you want to customize the Map marker this is the section you have to work on using the wordpress underscore template almost same as grid template in terms of coding.

v) All Map Info Window Template:

If you want to customize the map info window template you can customize it from here.

vi) All Preview Popup Template:

You can customize the templating of preview popup that shows up (which you turn this feature on from grid settings preview popup tab), and click on the grid, it show a modal with some details information about the grid.

vii) All Grid Shortcode:

It's almost same as Reactive Builder but this shorcode will only give you the ability to create a non searchable post grid or category grid in a page as many as you want.

and if your are using our 3rd party plugin such as google map and reuse builder you will have some more menu that is.

i) Google Map

ii) Builder.

i) Google Map:

if you want to use the map feature of this plugin this free extension is must. you have to install the google map plugin from the helpers plugin folder and configure it properly. check our Google Map section for configuration details.

ii) Reuse Builder:

This is another free plugin which we recommend to use if your are creating your site which don't have any taxonomy, meta or term meta, or even a post type. you can check the documents and tutorials of Reuse builder from the below url,


NB: you may wonder or be annoyed sometimes why there is so much menu for a single plugin. Well we understand your concern that this plugin shouldn't have that many menus in the admin section and this plugin should have a beautiful ui at the admin section also. We are working on the ui and menus of the admin sections with our UI Engineer and will make it better in the upcoming days.

I hope this section will help you to understand it better for any further question feel free to submit a ticket to our support forum.

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