Upgrade to v3.8

i) deactivate & remove rede-reuse-form

ii) deactivate & remove Reactive pro v3.7

iii) install and activate rede-reuse-form v3.8 from the helpers folder

iv) install and activate Reactive pro v3.8

In the v3.8 there are some important changes being made

What Changes Being Made & What you Need to know

First have a look at the change log,

i) serialize meta issue fixed

ii) parent child component show hide option

iii) search attribute now can be sorted based on alphabet, number, post count

iv) nearest distance feature enabled

v) templating has been improved

vi) load more button text changed

i) Serialize meta issue fixed

Now you can show any kind of serialize meta data in your grid which was trouble in the previous version, for example if you have a logo in your meta filed and you select the meta key in the builder in will return a serialize data in the grid data,

As you can see the image is currently in a unreadable format and to fix this issue simply select the meta key to our new Reactive builder filed named as "Select Serialized Meta Fields" like the below image,

that's it now you will have the image or gallery url in the grid data.

ii) parent child component show hide option

This is a most requested feature for the past couple of days and we are very quick to provide this feature with our plugin. Now you can easily show the parent child attribute with our combobox search component by just turning on the switch from the panel section.

iii) Search attribute now can be sorted based on alphabet, number, post count

Now you can also sort the search component such as checkbox, radiobox, selectbox etc using the below options,

iv) nearest distance feature enabled:

This is one of the important feature of our plugin which was freeze due to some issue and we have enabled this feature again with more control for the users.

The post sorted result follow the below priority,

  1. If you have some sort enabled such as post title or price.

  2. Enable Nearest Sorted data

  3. Last search is map autocomplete

  4. preload

  5. latest post

v) templating has been improved

Template saving is now improve than before now you can just create and save a template and use it to the other Reactive shortcode pages.

vi) Load more button text changed

Now you can change the load more button text from the grid panel

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