Update To Reactive Pro V3.0

If you are an existing customer of Reactive pro and want to update your site to Reactive Pro version 3.0 then this article section is for you.

The Reactive Pro Version 3.0 is a Major update and from the change log you can see that it has breaking changes in the plugin. We have almost Rebuilt this plugin from the scratch to solve the previous issues and make it as flexible as possible.

Due to the above reason you can not update you existing Reactive plugin to version 3.0, you have to make a complete new installation of this version.

But don't worry This plugin is so much flexible you won't need much time to make a new installation and build your existing search page with the version 3.0. Just Follow Our Installation Section to Get Started with Our Reactive Version 3.0.

But Unfortunately if you already tried to update the Reactive Plugin to version 3.0 from the previous version without having any Backup And if you need our Old Reactive Version to Fix your site. Then Just Download our Plugin Files where you will find the Old version of this plugin.

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