External Grid

This is a non filterable grid section you can use it as many as you want in any section of your Search page. i'm writing here Search page because this will not work if you don't have any reactive shortcode in the page.

so, how to use it let me explain it in details,

First create a Builder shortcode by choosing the necessary post type and taxonomies you want to show in the grid.

here, is how i've choose it in my Reactive Builder shortcode,

you can see that i've selected my Property and Product post types here as well as some taxonomies from both post types. i will build a search page which will have a filterable grid with search options as well as some Non filterable Grid with this post type and taxonomies. if you want you don't have to use any filterable grid in your page but make sure you have this shortcode available in your page it will not affect your page just for the data options in the external grid you have to put this shortcode.

so, now lets move to the next part our new Grid Shortcode.

you have to create your Grid shortcode by choosing the post types you want to show in the grid. go to your admin section->Reactive Templates->All Grid Shortcode

now create a new shortcode,

you can see that i've created a Property Grid here, the post type you will choose here you must have to choose it in the Reactive Builder shortcode as well.

so, now you have two shortcode i) Reactive Builder shortcode ii) Grid Shortcode iii) i've created some extra grid shortcode to show you how you can use category grid from here as well.

lets see how you should have to use it in your page,

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