Search Block

Search block Allows you to add Search Section in your layout, you can add multiple search block in a page and organize it as you want. it gives you so much flexibility.

Here, we will check what kind of feature & attributes are available in the Search Block.

First, let me show you how to add a Search Block ,

Click on the Add Block -> Choose Search Block -> Click on the Save Button At the Lower Right Corner

That's it you will have a Search Block like below image,

This is a Basic Search Block where we can see some buttons and holder,

If you click on the top left corner icon  ( ) you will find some option like custom class name, block title, place in other search block(to know more about it check the more filter section) etc.

Theres a Collapsed icon () it give you the ability to open and close the search block with its component in it, it is helpfull to drag n drop layout.

The plus icon () allows you to add search component in your search block. we have 15 different search component available in our search block.

To know more about each search component and its uses please check the below sections.

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