Translation with .po file

Create your .po file using .pot language file

Suppose we want to translate reactive plugin in the Dutch language.

Steps :

  1. Download Poedit software from
  2. Make your WordPress installation with the Dutch language
  3. Add language code in wp-config.php file. For the Dutch language, Please define it as ('WPLANG','nl_NL');
  4. Create a .po file for the Dutch language from reactive.pot(plugins->reactive->languages) file with Poedit software.
  5. Save the .po file with Dutch language code. So the file name will be reactive-nl_NL.po and put this file in plugins->reactive->languages directory. You will find your language code here
  6. Now your Translations are done.

Update an existing .po file using Poedit software.


  • Open Poedit software.
  • Click Edit a translation link from here

  • Then open your .po file from reactive plugin's languages directory.
  • Click `Update from POT file` from Catalog menu of Poedit software.

  • Now you get all updated translated strings from .pot file.

  • Now go one by one and translated the non-translated strings using the poedit software.

  • After translating every string please click save button and you're done :)

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