Upgrade to v4.0

i) deactivate & remove rede-reuse-form

ii) deactivate & remove Reactive pro v3.8

iii) install and activate rede-reuse-form v4.0 from the helpers folder

iv) install and activate Reactive pro v4.0

What Changes Being Made & What you Need to know

Fist have a look at the change log:

i) Category page filter feature added.

ii) user info option for grid result.

iii) map skin added.

iv) different map style for each map.

v) block hide feature provided.

vi) do Shortcode support provided to place the reactive Shortcode in your template file.

vii) language files updated.

viii) marker scale on grid over issue is fixed

ix) scroll to top issue fixed

x) rangeslider improved

xi) ampersen issue fixed.

xii) load more button text change option provided

xiii) script loading is more improved.

xiv) style issues fixed.

as you can see we made lots of changes there now let me show you in a brief details about this features,

i) Shop page& Category page filter feature added:

Unlike before (discussed in the woocommerce shop & category section ) Now you don't have to add those code now

Category page filter is an important feature for our plugin it will automatically filter the category template result based on the category url, lets have a look at the example how it work,

it will work with any kind of taxonomy but For example we are using product category here,

so in your category template taxonomy-product_cat.php if you put the reactive shortcode <?php echo do_shortcode('[reactive key="34"]'); ?>

it will load the search page in any of your category page, if you visit your category page you will find the reactive block there. and also if you visit the below url


it will only show that result that have clothing category.

NB: in your category page you can not filter category, that means if you have 3 category, men, women, clothing and you are on a women page, you can not use any checkbox, selectbox or any search component to select men or clothing here it will not work.

and for the shop page just put your shortcode either in your shop page editor or in file template.

i hope it clears exactly what we have provided here, all you have to do here is to put the reactive shortcode in your category template of your theme.

ii) user info option for grid result:

In our previous version there is no way to provide user information such as user first name, last name, display name etc. but with the user toggle in the reactive builder if you turn it on you will have this information available for you to use in the grid result. how you will use it and why we have provided a toggle to grab this user information, to explain this first let me show you how to have this information first,

ok, you have created your rebuilder shortcode now go to your reactive page and you will find the user data in the grid data section under user_infokey. to know more about grid data check our grid templating section.

so, for the final part why you have to turn this toggle on any exactly why we have provided this option, we could have easily automatically provided it to you. well i understand your concern but this option is provided for the plugin performance reason. if you enable this option it will fire an extra query which will slow down your search page. By default it will be turned of we will suggest you to use it only if you need the user details. same goes for the other keys the more keys you select on the builder the more time it will take to fetch the information.

iii) map skin added & iv) different map style for each map.:

we have provided predefine map skin so that you can use to match with your theme style also you can use different style in your different map. we are preparing an option to make your own customization in the map skin until it arrive let see from where you can find the option .

to find it you have to go to the map editor panel of your search page, where you will find the below options,

you can see we have provided a by default option Standard, you can choose any of them if you want.

v) block hide feature provided:

Previously we have provided option to hide different search option for example checkbox, radiobox in different devices in case you don't want a search option for specific device (in terms size). But this time we have provided The whole block hide option in case if you suddenly don't want to show map or searching option to your user.

vi) do Shortcode support provided to place the reactive Shortcode in your template file:

Previously if you want to use reactive shortcode in your themes template file or any archive template you have to go through lots of work such as making changes in the plugin code etc. but from now all you need to do is to put the reactive shortcode in your template file that's it, it will load the reactive block on the template automatically,

<?php echo do_shortcode('[reactive key="34"]'); ?>

vii) language files updated:

Language files for po edit being updated for all the provided languages.

this are some of the changes that we wanted to know in details to our user but if you have trouble to understand any of the other features or changes feel free to contact in the support centre.

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