Fronted Section is the place where you will arrange your search page. If you don't know how to have a Search page please check our Reactive Builder Section, you will have a Search page like below in the frontend section,

If you have successfully find the above image on your search page then you can follow the below steps otherwise please check the previous section again,

Here, we can see 4 options in the above image, that is,

  • Add Block
  • Global Settings
  • Admin View
  • User View

Add Block:

Add Block is the section from where you can add several options to your page layout, the options that you can add from Add block are

  • Grid
  • Map
  • Search Block
  • Bar
  • Widgets

select, any of them you need and then click the save button. To know what you have to do after adding them on your page check the below sections.

Global Settings:

From Global Settings you can apply Pre filtering, Sorting by Post Title, Date, Meta in Ascending or Descending order. That means your page will be Pre Filtered when the page loads.

Here, you can Enable Adaptive Search or Intelligent Search Also here you can turn on specific Filter button for Mobile or Tab view.

Admin View:

Admin view lets you edit, drag N drop, resize the layouts.

User View:

User view gives a quick view how your edited layout should look in User mood.

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