Search Builder

If you are Reading this I assume you have already checked the Previous section, if not please check the previous section first.

So, Now you are ready to Build your Search Builder, The Search Builder has Two Parts

  1. Backend Section (Admin)
  2. Frontend Section

Backend Section (Admin):

Here, We will discuss about the Admin Options of our Plugin. We Have Divided the admin part in some sections and it's very important you know about them clearly,

  • Reactive Builders
  • Google Map
  • Geobox
  • Meta Restrictions
  • Grid Templates

As, We have already discussed about System Status & Reactive Menu in the previous section that's why we have only mention the Remaining Important parts of our Reactive Plugin, that is involved with the Admin section . We will discuss about this section in details in Our next Backend Section.

Frontend Section:

After Completing the Backend setup, you want to setup your Frontend Search page for the user. We have provided a Search page Builder in the Frontend part with Drag N Drop and Resize Feature. Here, you can add & show your Map, Grid, Search Components (ex: checkbox, radiobox etc), widget, Bar.

There's another Important Feature added in our new Search Page Builder, From Now on you can also Setup your Search Page separately for Mobile, Tab, Laptop, Desktop. This will Reduce lots of CSS Related work for you. We will Discuss more about this in details in our Frontend Section.

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