Upgrade to v4.0.1

NB: make sure you keep a backup of your site before you proceed this update.

as usual for our update you have remove the previous version and install the new one

i) deactivate & remove rede-reuse-form

ii) deactivate & remove Reactive pro

iii) install and activate rede-reuse-form v4.0.1 from the helpers folder

iv) install and activate Reactive pro v4.0.1

What Changes Being Made & What you Need to know

Fist have a look at the change log:

i) and or feature added

ii) react js v16 updated

iii) shortcode feature added in the post content for the grid result

iv) wishlist plugin integrated

v) value of undefined issue fixed

vi) style issue fixed

vii) dropdown close issue fixed

viii) page search feature added

ix) min max panel subtitle provided

x) some title text improved

i) and or feature added:

Most wanted and or feature have been added to our plugin, now you can use this feature in checkbox related search component for example(checkbox, simplepicker, colorpicker, imagepicker) remember it will not work with parent child taxonomy.

so, what is and or feature, well previously our checkbox only supported or operation, that is if you have a product type:

i) simple

ii) variable

and if you select both it will show the result in the below situation,

i) the products have simple type

ii) the products have variable type

iii) the products have both simple and variable type

but what if, you only need the product that have only simple and variable product well in that case the and feature will help you to do that.

here, how you can turn on this feature

go to your checkbox or simplepicker settings panel then choose it like below,

that's it, it's very easy you have to do nothing else, the default operation and or operation are same so you can choose any of them.

ii) react js v16 updated:

This plugin is based on advance js framework and currently the most popular js library for frontend known as React js. We have update our plugin to the latest version of React js.

iii) shortcode feature added in the post content for the grid result:

Many of you ask to provide the shortcode feature for the grid result so that you can use that shortcode in your Grid from another plugin easily, well we have provided that feature and haven tested our plugins such as wishlist, rating review, which is working great. for third party plugin we can not guarantee how much it will help you but basically if the plugins have followed standard wordpress procedure it should work.

so, in case you don't know about it yet let me explain a bit,

suppose you have a rating plugin which handle the ratings of your product or restaurant and that plugin has told you you can use this plugin to show that rating easily by using their shortcode. From, now on if you use that shortcode in the post content you will get the necessary result in your reactive result,

so if you use it {{{post.post_content}}} should show the expected result in your reactive page grid.

the rest of the changes are nothing to discuss hre right now, but if you need any clearance feel free to ask our support team.

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