Upgrade to v4.0.2

NB: make sure you keep a backup of your site before you proceed this update.

as usual for our update you have remove the previous version and install the new one

i) deactivate & remove rede-reuse-form

ii) deactivate & remove Reactive pro

iii) install and activate rede-reuse-form v4.0.2 from the helpers folder

iv) install and activate Reactive pro v4.0.2

What Changes Being Made & What you Need to know

New Features:

i) Map Country Restriction added.

ii) Map Custom Style option provided

iii) Post type Filtering option provided

iv) Multiple Non-Filterable Grid and Category Grid feature provided

v) Grid popup information option provided.

vi) Alphanumeric shorting feature provided.

vii) Filterable Grid with Post type option provided.

In the below section we will describe about these new feature how they work, where & how you can use them

i) Map Country Restriction:

Map Country Restriction is needed when you want to limit your site visitor to search for a specific country location via the map autocomplete search. So if you want to Restrict your site visitor only to search for France & Italy all you have to do is to choose this countries from the map auto complete settings panel to know more about this settings check our documentation.

ii) Map Custom Style option provided

Many off you as for this feature after we have provided map style template in our previous version. so here we are with the map custom style option. if you don't know what it is let me add some brief description for you. we are using google map in our plugin and you may want to change the default map design just like google map provided in their site here is the url


to change this style option go to our map settings panel you will find all the necessary options there or you can also check our documentation for more information.

Map Documentation

iii) Post type Filtering option provided

In our previous version we have provided support for taxonomies and meta keys for searching and filtering and this time we have provided post type filtering option also if you site has multiple post type search as car, real estate, products etc all together now you can filter theme using the post type filtering options, just take any search component for example checkbox and choose post type from the data options. so if you choose Products from the checkbox you will only see the Products of your site same goes for Car or Real Estate.

iv) Multiple Non-Filterable Grid and Category Grid feature provided

With this feature you can build unlimited Grid in your site using our Grid Builder. The grid can be of any Post type or Taxonomy and its a non-filterable grid means this grid will not have any effect if you using any search component on the page. To know how to use it Follow our External Grid Documentation Section.

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